For the people living beyond the urban metropolitan cities, the ready availability of internet and smartphones have altered the ways in which they relate to the spaces, objects and humans around them.  Moreover, as platforms such as Tik-Tok gained massive popularity, it became extremely evident that our understanding of small-town India needed to be re-evaluated.  … Read more

Curated and written by Amit Bapna, Advisor (Content and Industry Engagement) for the Consumer Culture Lab. In the first of this series, the Consumer Culture Lab deep dives into the phenomenon called Brand Gandhi and unravels the layers of the DNA of this formidable and unusual Indian brand. We will be looking at many more … Read more

As the pandemic started to become more loud, the world became more silent. I have always been an extrovert. Meeting new people and exploring new places kind of a guy but sadly this part was doomed as the pandemic took hold of our lives. I started involving myself in this digital space that I never … Read more

Wordle, an online word puzzle game, invented by Josh Wardle back in October, 2021 has taken the world by storm. Currently, the game boasts almost 3 million users across the globe! The simplicity of the game has played a strong role in getting people addicted to it.  Feature Image :

‘March 2020’, is that remarkable month, that changed our lives so drastically that sometimes we are left wondering, if we will ever be able to go back to our old ways- shaking hands, hugging loved ones, having street food on a random stall, trying out clothes in a mall, living without a constant fear of … Read more

In his show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, John Oliver recently shared that sending good morning messages is extremely popular in India. However, this trend had been first identified back in 2018 when several articles had highlighted how Indians sharing good morning messages/images/videos was actually causing a traffic jam on the internet globally!

The pandemic, for a lot of us, has worked as a reset button. Having the luxury of more time, we’ve taken up hobbies, we are doing things we never thought we would. Spending more time with family and doing more meaningful things apart from anticipating (which I think is the single most thing that connects … Read more

Oh dear! Lets be candid, I love you french fried Potato is bangin and low-maintenance Dont need no cheese no dips or sauces Pav in the fridge, bless your taste buds as vada pav No pav, add to your cheat day list as batata vada Mom in the house, heaven on earth as Aloo-paratha Without … Read more

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