Webinar with Dr. Simon Roberts

We hosted a webinar on “The Power of Anthropology in Business” with Dr. Simon Roberts on 8th April, 2021. Simon shared interesting insights about the evolution of anthropology in business; some amazing work they are doing at Stripe Partners; nostalgic memories of doing fieldwork in India in the 1990’s; and some perspectives on embodied cognition in anthropology!

Watch the recording here:

About the speaker:

Simon Roberts is an anthropologist and founder of Stripe Partners, a strategy and innovation consultancy, where he works on engagements with clients including Intel, Spotify, Google, Facebook, Repsol and Verizon. Prior to Stripe Partners, Simon was at ReD Associates in Copenhagen, before which he ran a R&D team for Intel Corporation’s Digital Health group in Dublin. Earlier in his career he completed a doctorate in anthropology on the satellite TV revolution in mid 1990s India. He was also ‘ethnographer in residence’ at iSociety at The Work Foundation, where he conducted influential research on everyday life and technology.

During his career in industry Simon has played a leading role in the EPIC community of anthropologists working in the tech, design and innovation industries. He currently serves as Board President. His book, The Power of Not Thinking: How Our Bodies Learn and Why We Should Trust Them was published in December 2020 by Bonnier books. In India it is published by Harper Collins. 

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