Webinar with Shamil Zainuddin

We hosted a webinar on “Following the ‘Ping’ of the App: Experiences of Private Hire Drivers in Singapore” with Shamil Zainuddin on 10th October 2022.

Watch the recording here:

About the speaker:

Shamil Zainuddin is a Research Associate at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). He specialises in applied ethnography and holds qualifications in Sociology which he has taught as a Teaching Assistant while completing his Masters in the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining IPS in 2018, he was a Senior Design Ethnographer at NCR Corporation, a global enterprise technology company. There, he spent five years using qualitative methods researching human experiences to inform R&D, innovation and marketing.

Shamil has received awards for applied ethnographic work and is the recipient of Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs, National Day Award in 2005. Above all, he is most interested in carrying out the work to make the everyday easier for especially disadvantaged communities.

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