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Digital Heartlands Report 2023

IIM Udaipur’s Consumer Culture Lab has partnered with Stripe Partners to explore the cultural dynamics behind the boom in India’s small-town creator economy.

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We aim to decode multiple lived realities of Indian consumers

We are a diverse team of academic researchers applying perspectives from anthropology, sociology and psychology.

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A message from the director,
Prof. Ashok Banerjee

The Consumer Culture Lab bridges an important knowledge gap in the understanding of consumer culture in India. The Lab uses structured qualitative research techniques to capture evolution, tastes and preferences of Indian consumers in metros and non-metro areas. A unique initiative in B-schools across the country, this Lab provides thought leadership on consumer culture and qualitative research in India.

A message from our advisor,
Prof. Julien Cayla

The reason I am excited about the idea of a consumer culture lab in India is that I have always believed that more anthropologically-oriented approaches could benefit a wide range of people and organizations in India including government, companies and students.

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We provide a platform for researchers to learn methods of qualitative inquiry.

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