As people are increasingly spending more time on social media platforms, they find newer ways to interact and engage with it. One of the many offshoots of such an interaction has been the creation and rise of a new way of gaining knowledge and information. Whether we are trying to pursue a hobby, acquire new … Read more

We hosted a webinar on “The Power of Anthropology in Business” with Dr. Simon Roberts on 8th April, 2021. Simon shared interesting insights about the evolution of anthropology in business; some amazing work they are doing at Stripe Partners; nostalgic memories of doing fieldwork in India in the 1990’s; and some perspectives on embodied cognition in … Read more

We hosted a webinar with Prof. Russell Belk on the topic, “Sharing, Materialism, and Design for Sustainability” on December 21st, 2020. It was an enriching conversation where Prof. Belk brought in deep insights applicable to the Indian context. Given below is a recording of the webinar. A copy of Prof. Belk’s presentation can be viewed … Read more

IIM Udaipur launched the Consumer Culture Lab on 7th November 2020. We also had an interesting webinar with our guest speaker, Vijay Parthasarathy on the topic: “Return to Laughter: Comedy Culture in India“. The Lab was launched by our esteemed faculty and researchers, Janat Shah (director of IIMU), Julien Cayla (advisor of the Consumer Culture Lab), Rajesh Nanarpuzha, Tanvi Gupta, PhD (faculty at IIMU), … Read more

Are you interested to learn, share, and exchange knowledge on consumer culture research in India? If yes, please fill this form to stay in touch with us. We will be sharing updates on our upcoming events, workshops, and insights with you.  * indicates required First Name Last Name Email Address * Designation Organization City What … Read more

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