Digital Heartland – A Consumer Culture Lab & Stripe Partners Collaboration

For the people living beyond the urban metropolitan cities, the ready availability of internet and smartphones have altered the ways in which they relate to the spaces, objects and humans around them.  Moreover, as platforms such as Tik-Tok gained massive popularity, it became extremely evident that our understanding of small-town India needed to be re-evaluated.  Thus, creating an urgent need to study the newer ways in which people in the Indian heartland construct and understand their personhood through social media.

The Consumer Culture Lab with its endeavour to present an all encompassing narrative of the larger gamut of the Indian Consumer seeks to bring their experiences to the forefront. Using a variety of Qualitative digital methods and ethnography, we seek to travel to Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns across the country, both physically and virtually, to bring forth narratives that are often unheard. The project aims to study the journey of playful creators from small-town India.

We are delighted to have Stripe Partners collaborate with us on this project. A business consulting firm based in London, Stripe Partners helps technology-led businesses invent better futures. Their approach combines social and data science to give companies a deep understanding of the world, their customers and their organisations. They collaborate with progressive teams to create new products, services and business models, driving the innovation that shapes tomorrow.

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Research Team on the project

  • Prof. Julien Cayla, Nanyang Business School
  • Prof. Tanvi Gupta, IIM Udaipur
  • Adishri Guha, CC Lab, IIM Udaipur
  • Simon Roberts (Partner, Stripe Partners)
  • Julian Gopffarth ( Junior Consultant, Stripe Partners)
  • Arabella Trower ( Consultant, Stripe Partners)

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