In the past decade, a number of anthropologists have provided fascinating insights into people’s digital behaviour. People have been increasingly using the internet for a varied number of reasons such as to socialize, consume and produce knowledge, for entertainment, work etc. Moreover, the pandemic further accelerated our usage of the digital. Even in India, as … Read more

What is an Introspective Essay? It is a reflective piece where one writes in detail about their relationship/experience with the subject/theme of the research. There is no particular format of writing such an essay. It is more about the process of writing such an essay wherein one reflects and writes down their emotions, experiences, assumptions, … Read more

Visuals by Srinidhi Chandrashekar, with inputs from Rupali Kapoor and Tanvi Gupta. About the author Srinidhi Chandrashekar is an intern at the Consumer Culture Lab. She is currently pursuing her master’s in design at NID, Gandhinagar. From advertising to design, she believes that her work has journeyed from communicating to users to understanding users, and … Read more

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec consequat sem non metus fermentum, eget cursus turpis scelerisque. Duis commodo, justo nec placerat commodo, nisl eros iaculis quam, quis consequat orci velit a dolor. Suspendisse sit amet neque pulvinar, rutrum mauris eget, rutrum mi. Maecenas non orci quis augue suscipit dignissim et vitae lectus. Etiam … Read more

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