How to stop?

Since the first lockdown, the world around has changed tremendously. But for me, it is confined to the four walls with my laptop and all-day classes. From a usually fit person, now I have turned to be a little fat, and all this got my attention when I figured out the change in my eating pattern. The boredom has caused me to overeat my favourite snacks almost two times more than before.Well, didn’t I notice this before? Of course, Yes. But did I do anything for it? No. 

Staying a petite person all my life, this change was immediately noticeable to everyone around and I began receiving a lot of comments on the same. I had never imagined that this would become such a major concern! As I worked from home, I got into the habit of binging on sweets late into the night! Since I was bored being at home, I didn’t realize that I was consuming way more than usual! I developed a sugar addiction as I was consuming so much late into the night! Even though I was aware that this isn’t okay, I should cut down on such habits yet somehow I was unable to stop! I knew that this will affect my body and create issues but I somehow felt helpless and wasn’t able to stop. 

I love to plan out and keep monthly stock of biscuits, popcorn, and whatnot. Staying at home has definitely reduced my clothes shopping but got me into a new shopping spree of buying all unhealthy food. 

By Nitasha Patil
MBA student (IIM Udaipur)

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